The story so far.


Note: The sub-plots are listed in the original sequence in which they were generated. Consequently they reflect the messy Ďreculer pour mieux sauterí and Ďsurvival of the fittestí evolution of insight that render. some early insights redundant. The copious footnotes quantise (i.e. digitise) and so Ďstillí the analogue texts for easier access.






What is the God Pan?


Who is a pantheist?


The crux of pantheism


The pantheistís belief about the world


Pantheism, the distributed network view of creation


Death and the Pantheist


The Pantheistís response to systemís failure


The Pantheistís Ďgoodí


Pantheism versus henotheism


The pantheistís purpose


Seeing up the arse of God


The Pantheist and his dream machine


Pantheism & the Upanishads


Exiting the ĎDark night of the soulí


The pantheistís fundamental a-morality


Of G.O.D. and the gods


God isnít merciful


The Pantheistís heaven


The pantheistís spirituality


No free lunch


GOD is worshipped in the temple


The Pantheistís anarchy


The Upanishad pantheist


The Pantheistís job


Pantheism & the dynamics of identifiable realness




Moksha, mukti (Freedom, release)


Moksha (Mukti) continued


The Self and its selfies


Pantheism as metatheism


Jina Upanishad


Upanishad creation theories


Why man needs to invent God


The essence of the selfie


ĎThe Lila of Mayaí




Karma ≈ act ≈ instruction


The pantheistís Ďallí


The myth of  Ďuniversal beingí


The pantheistís notion of consciousness


The pantheistís fantasy world


The experience ofthe ONENESS of Ďthe ALLí


Worship & the pantheist


The pantheist Ďbrahmachariní


Panítheus ≈ the common


The pantheistís basic function


ĎDeus ex machinaí


Eco vs. pan


The logic of predation


G.o.d.ís health warning


The pantheist saint


The basic function of a life








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The Pantheism

of Victorís Way (Jina marga)




Reverting from the analogue view of creation to the quantal view.






Pantheism is the belief that all is God. By all is meant every single bit (as whole quantum) of hardware and software that makes up the universe.


By God the pantheist means: G.O.D., an acronym standing for General (meaning: basic or ground) Ordering Device.

In short, the pantheistís G.O.D, elsewhere named SELF, acts as an algorithm Ė as set or rules Ė that responds automatically to disorder by ordering it. The collective of the emerging (side-) effects of the ordering process, i.e. its apps (i.e. now named selfies), happen as the cognizable universe.


The pantheistís G.O.D. is activated by continuing disorder (resulting from shock, as in the Big Bang) that threatens the dis-continuance (i.e. death) of ordered emerged effects (such as the human or any other selfie).


The pantheistís G.O.D. functions as a distributed network, hence is fully democratic.


The G.O.D. function is digital, hence Its apps quantised.


The pantheistís G.O.D. is blind, automatic and self-regulating (hence an automaton), as are all ITs emergent properties, to wit. its localised apps (as selfies), such as the human, the blade of grass, the virus and so on.



The earliest, most primitive, infantile-like humans were pantheists. They responded to and so worshipped all the forms of nature as Gods. Their belief and way of life were eliminated by the more highly evolved (and politically expedient) great (albeit adolescent) henotheistic (i.e. worshipping one selected God-as-monarch), hence tyrannical religions, such as Christianity, Islam, the bulk of Hindu religions, Buddhism and so on.


Now the world is evolving, indeed is forcing itself to evolve and mature more rapidly as the prospect of human self-annihilation comes into focus. And with evolving maturity and the insight and experience which that brings, the belief in pantheism, albeit in more sophisticated form, namely as meta-theism, is emerging. And meta-theistic pantheism that is the belief not only in the fundamental democracy (meaning distributed network function) of the G.O.D. as ordering function but also the belief in the gradual emergence and evolution of the world as manifestation of and identical with the G.O.D. function and which places the burden of ordered evolution on the shoulders of the human.



The essays listed on the left are attempts at generating a more detailed and linguistically updated understanding of 21st century pantheism. The further down the list the more sophisticated and interesting they get.