Pantheism, the autumnal view of creation



When a human becomes conscious of the fact of her (or his) decay, inevitable1 death and dissolution her thoughts turn first to understanding and then to accepting2 the whole creation process.



It is then that she realises that she is but one-of-a-zillion temporary and highly localised manifestations of one and the same basic creation urge. And that her birth, life and death cycle is the one-of-a-zillion3 necessary means4 by which the blind creative urge, here named PAN, self5,6 elaborates and so manifests as actual hardware7 its whole potential.



And she realises that she is, here and now, warts and all,8 the true and real PAN, the blind creative urge manifested, hence not different from it. And that, being alive,9 she is a special because unique bit of the whole creation action and which could not have happened without her.10




Pantheism, the view11 that ‘All is God’12, specifically that ‘Nature itself is God’, develops in some end-phase, meaning autumnal humans, as they consciously face inevitable decay and death. Gone is the so necessary blind ego’tism of youth (i.e. of spring), the equally necessary myopic altru’ism of adulthood (i.e. of summer) and what’s left is the enlightened (i.e. autumnal) omni’ism of the ‘live and let live because after all, ‘All is One’’ attitude of those sitting on the fence and watching the crowd13 disappearing into the distance.14,15

















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1.     Because retro-designed (as in planned obsolescence) into all participants in the food chain necessary for nourishing and energising more complex life systems so that they might survive. The 1st rule of nature is: ‘If you’re quick you get to eat; if you’re slow you get eaten.’ That rule also applied until recently to humans. With the removal of natural predators, such as, for instance, macro and micro organisms, disproportionate overpopulation by the increasingly elderly and no longer naturally viable has become a serious, because expensive social, hence social survival problem. And the problem will get worse as the world’s population reaches ten thousand million and more.

2.     And welcoming, rather than resisting the fact of termination and so suffering the horrors of natural decline and actual death. She accepts death willingly and gracefully because she had a happy life. And because she realises that she was but one momentary means (of millions) that served the god PAN’s end, namely self-manifestation and self-realisation.

3.     The fuzzy notion of ‘zillion’ is used to indicate that species other than the human are included in the overall understanding.

4.     In other words, a blind (biological) automaton generated (by millions) of a non-biological blind automatons generated by one non-biological automaton operating as one basic set of universal constraints or rules.

5.     The notion of self-activation, self-elaboration, self-regulation and self-adaptation and the generation of sophisticated (lastly human) emergent effects is first put forward in a clearly understandable speculation in the Brihadaranayaka Upanishad (ca. 800BC).

6.     For ‘hardware’ read: having the capacity to communicate (digitally) by contact, thus to make momentarily real and true. Note that hardware happens as conditional (relative to contact speed) effect. In a relativity vacuum contact happens at the rate of c2, hence as absolutely real = true.

7.     PAN, the creative automaton as creation algorithm is here understood as an IT. The cultural, meaning human designed (i.e. of survival necessity in their own image as super-humans) Gods of the 2nd and 3rd phases of life are imagined as either female or male.

8.     As localised PAN application (or elaboration) a complete human, warts and all, is the best the PAN program could do under the particular circumstances of the that human’s niche (performance). In other words, each human manifests a best-under-given-circumstances (hence perfect, because done) try of PAN to represent its creative potential. Since ‘best’ (i.e. perfect) is relative, Pan generates as many human self-representations as possible and sets them to compete with each other (as in trial by just less than mortal combat) so that the competition winner, i.e. the survivor, has selected herself as the best of the best and who then takes (i.e. mutates) her (or his), and therefore PAN’s creative endeavour forward, meaning to greater complexity and new (albeit unpredictable) emergent effects.

9.     Having survived the selection process of a culturally softened trial by mortal, i.e. social survival combat.

10.   She, as blind clone (or fractal elaboration) automaton of the PAN automaton, operates as an integral part of the whole (statistics determined) selection and complexity upgrading process.

11.   In truth, a therapeutic fable told by the aged to the aged.

12.   Each human, indeed each organic and non-organic phenomenon, from atom via hadron via biological compound via galaxy to the universe, happens as automatic PAN manifestation, indeed as a communicable quantum or unit of PAN.

13.   i.e. of younger humans, meaning those at an earlier development stage actively striving for, i.e. being driven to greater complexity and survival flexibility in order to survive and so further PAN’s blind drive to gerater complexity.

14.   i.e. disappearing towards increased complexity and higher survival capacity.

15.   The gods (i.e. the rules sets) of spring and summer that constrain natural freedom, i.e. the rules of PAN, at its most creative, are cultural, meaning man made, those of infancy and old age natural, hence free from man-made rules. Therefore the old, since they are already condemned to death, are free to exit life if and when they choose so to do, i.e. when dying becomes unbearable.


Death and the pantheist