The cow



Seeing up the arse of God



Apparently it was Moses who first saw the ‘backside’ of God.1 Happily for most he didn’t describe it. But Michelangelo painted God showing his arse on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.


What is here named ‘The arse of God’ is a metaphor for the dark underbelly of creation, hence of God.2 And the functions within that dark underbelly,3 hence the functions of the creative process as such,4 are extremely violent, without compassion, mercy, pity, love or hate.5


Seeing up ‘the arse of God6’ means looking directly up the food chain7, i.e. up God’s intestinal tract, and experiencing the sheer, paralyzing horror of empathising with the death throes of each living system that was first created by violence, then had its moment of god-like glory only to be exterminated by violence.


Those8 who enter God’s intestinal track via his arse9 experience their sojourn there as ‘dark night of the soul’10 and when the reality of the natural and so brutal process11 of creation fully reveals itself.


Exiting God’s intestine via the mouth12 reveals God’s face,13 wondrous to behold, amazing, awesome, brilliant to the point of immolation.


The awesome face of God, the current surface structure of creation, happens as the end state of niche elaboration,14 and which is then used and used up as expendable initial state for further elaboration.



So it that God’s face, namely the world as it presents itself, is the momentarily best, most perfect self15-elaboration-cum-emergent-fact that the G.O.D, hence PAN,  automaton could generate under given circumstances.




















©  2018 by Victor Langheld














1.     “And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a cleft of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by: And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen.” (Exodus 33:22-23) In fact, the priestly inventor of the Exodus fantasies was lying since the world before Moses’ very eyes, ears, smell, tongue and touch were, i.e. are God’s face, meaning his latest real-time hardware manifestation or realization.

2.     In this case the god PAN, namely nature by and large. Henotheistic, i.e. cultured because man-made God believers, such as the Jews and Upanishad speculators, may start with this view of God (the Regulator, for instance El Shadai or the atman) but eventually disguise his brutal action with a tsunami of positive verbal epithets that attempt to turn the brutal ruler into a caring, loving father figure.

3.     The creative process as such is elsewhere called (the inferno of) HELL and which Dante fantasised about in nauseating detail. Hell is the deconstruction operation that extracts useful lower order systems to in order to evolve higher order systems, the eventual face (or skin) of God.

4.     Like the functions of the intestinal tracts of all mammals and of which the human is but one variation.

5.     So much for the sheer hypocrisy of the Hindu (and Gandhi’s, and the Jain’s, but not the early Buddhists’) call to ahimsa (non-violence) and which is specifically directed at the cow as representing life itself. India is the 2nd largest exporter in the world of cows for slaughter. But frenzied Hindus will beat a Muslim to death because they accuse him, usually falsely, of having butchered a cow.

6.     For God read: G.O.D as ‘General Ordering (hence constraining) Device, hence an algorithm.

7.     Or any production chain, be that of your beautiful new motorcar, I-phone or washing machine. Dante in his Inferno,

8.     Specifically pantheists, i.e. God-as-nature worshippers, and those who are transiting from one of several thousand henotheistic belief systems.

9.     Namely those who fall ‘behind the curve (of creation). Hence ‘the devil gets the hindmost.’ God surfs the edge, hence is in front of the wave and therefore enjoys the sheer freedom of the thrills and spills of being ahead of the game. Both being ahead of and behind the curve (and the hellish feelings the latter induces) are very common experiences. The ancient Indians imagined the ‘wave’ or ‘surge’ of life as a great wheel, called Samsara, on top of which a rare few enjoy the awesomely beautiful view and beneath which the rest are crushed to death thereafter waiting for re-birth and re-death. Escape to the ever constant, ever at rest hub of the wheel some called Nirvana, some the Brahman.

10.   The dark tunnel (as unresolved problem as birth canal) at the end of which one enters the light (i.e. enlightenment).

11.   Or ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’.

12.   Evolving (or developing) as it were from the formless (because not yet generating an emerged phenomenon) ground creation operation (Meister Eckhart’s God ground) to the extreme surface as the newest and most sophisticated emergent effect (serving as Guide & Control for the blind navigator) as current self-elaboration end state presenting as the most brilliant, the most awe inspiring ‘Word’ (so John’s Gospel).

13.                                                                                                                                                                                   For God’s face (or God/Pan as a whole functions palette) understand ‘the emergent effects of the current fractal (or algorithm) elaboration state. Human qualities such as compassion, love, hate, pity and so on are all emergent side-effects of the human’s state of complexity and response need.

14.                                                                                                                                                                                   The current, momentary end state of the creation process in which each created bit, such as the human, serves as hardware manifestation (hence capable of communication by means of contact) means.

15.                                                                                                                                                                                   For ‘self’ read: the B.O.S.S., to wit, the Basic Operating System (of creation) as blind, self-activating automaton.