Understanding bathing




I take a water bath to clean my body. In other words I immerse myself in a random collection of (clean) water molecules.


I give my brain (i.e. my Biological Navigation System, short Bio-Nav) a wash and temporarily clean it by flooding it with distress neutral, hence clean information. Whilst my BIO-Nav (i.e. brain) is clean of stressful, i.e. distressing data, therefore fully relaxed (i.e. in homeostasis), my mental and physical repair and reconstruction functions, impeded by the affects of distressing data, can resume full operation.  Flooding my brain with any distress neutral datum will put my brain (and body) into ‘waiting time’ (meaning ‘on standby’), as it were into a self-healing state.


Whatever floods my brain (i.e. my Bio-Nav) to the exclusion of all else, hence as a virtual (meaning ‘pretend’) ‘fact’, determines the state of my brain and, consequently, of my body (+ emotions). In other words, any thought or idea, hence any virtual (meaning ‘pretend’) reality that floods (i.e. takes over fully) my brain wholly decides its state, that state then serving as immediate outcome to be made real, i.e. realty tested.

This insight was fully developed in the 19th century by Emile Coué amongst others into an extremely successful holistic self-healing psychotherapy. He realised that “As I think (i.e. believe wholeheartedly), so I become!”



When I spend time in a forest I bathe/wash my brain with green data (i.e. stimuli = acute stressors). The flood of green stressors patches over (temporarily excludes) all other stressors, both positive and negative, that strive to take over/flood my Bio-Nav. Whichever stressor takes over my brain determines the (new) initial state (and destination) of my body (+ emotions).


So when I bathe (my body and brain) in a forest (to wit: in green data) I completely flood my navigation system with (a tsunami of) green, hence distress neutral stressors which, as it were, direct it and me into a ‘rest and recuperation’ lay-by.


Likewise, when I listen to my singing bowl I flood my Bio-Nav either with a neutral or a pleasing sound = vibration and which results in mental and physical self-cleaning. Or I can take a water sound bath by relaxing beside a waterfall (a special free treat at Victoria’s Way ) or, if I’m |a Hindu, I can take a soul bath by bathing in the Ganges. Or I can take a speech sound bath by listening to a Buddhist or Christian monk rattling on and on. I can also flood and wash my brain with any aroma or sensation with like affect.


Therapeutic awareness


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