Forest Bathing and the ideo-motor response



As the autopilot (or Sat-Nav) displays/determines, so the airplane responds. The plane acts out the imaginary map (i.e. the ‘as if’ navigation state) of the autopilot. The autopilot’s ‘as if’ state/display determines the body’s (initial) ‘as is’ state. The body’s (initial) ‘as is’ state is changed at (fundamentally random) contact.* The autopilot responds (selectively) to that contact and (selectively) integrates its response (thereby qualifying, i.e. de-randomizing) the contact) into its state thus generating a new state (as whole response map or model). That in turn forces a change in the body’s (end) ‘as is’ state.**


In short, what I imagine (i.e. think = create an internal map or map position of) my body does. If I don’t imagine then I don’t, in fact, can’t do! What I imagine is an ‘as if’, i.e. a  virtual reality. My body’s job is to actual reality test my virtual reality. The outcome of the actual reality test, that is to say, my ‘as if’ response to an ‘is’ moment/quantum, is fed back to (i.e. superimposed on) my brain, thus changing its (navigation) state ahead of the next actual reality (or ‘is’) test.


All motor responses to a changed navigation state happen automatically, and that includes intentional acts.


Understanding the above, it becomes clear that Forest Bathing can be used for some slick reverse engineering. I deliberately impact myself with benign forest ambience data (= stressors). My (selective) response to those impacts changes my (navigation) state (i.e. towards relaxation and or elation). My changed navigation state immediately instructs my body to actualise its state.



** For a virtual (i.e. ‘as if’) image to become an actual (i.e. ‘as is’) reality it must be held over as dominant (hence exclusive) image (as in monoidesm) to allow the body to complete its task. Since the brain processes many millions of images a second, that’s not any easy task. To ‘make a dream (i.e. an ‘as if’ outcome) come true’ the dream must be held over as a constant in much the same way that an airplane’s auto-pilot must hold over New Delhi as a constant in order to get to New Delhi.