Necessary recent changes



An apology and explanation to the many visitors who have visited Victor’s Way over the last 20 years and who are always welcome here.



Victor’s Way was designed as a contemplative garden for the adults. Sadly the garden has gradually become a fun park for families and which has defeated the garden’s purpose.


To reduce the number of visitors I’ve had no option but to exclude children and adolescents and increase the admission price to €5.-, i.e. as a disincentive. If less people with Frisbees and picnic hampers show up, those who do come will benefit the more from the contemplative, indeed ‘spiritual’ ambience of the place.


Recently the content of the Victoria’s Way website was hijacked by a German internet scammer. This has necessitated a change of website and reversion to the original name, Victor’s Way.


If visitor numbers can be reduced then Victor’s Way will remain open, hopefully until I drop.