The SELF and its selfies



The ever mindful1 pantheist observes2 that all living systems are self-driving.3 In other words, all living systems4 emerge as outcomes of spontaneous, therefore blind self-organisation, self-regulation, self-adaptation and self-realization functions operating together as a set of basic (or ground) self-creation rules. In short, the pantheist realises5 not only that the set of basic creation rules-as-functions, i.e. G.O.D., here simply renamed the SELF to enhance folksy communication, operates as blind automaton but that all its local but wholly recursive albeit differential iterations (the SELF’s selfies) also operate as blind automatons.6




So, being self-driven, for reasons unknown, to think wholly,8 the pantheist abstracts a (i.e. the) set of basic self-creation functions from multiple specific, i.e. local creation rules sets. Then she first generalises and thereafter universalises them.9 And by universalising the abstracted and generalised set of creation rules she deifies them.10 Then, in order to simplify understanding for the benefit of her neighbours and who are not so observant because distracted in the process of maturing to perfect local deities (i.e. selfies) she names the self-creation functions set with the acronym G.O.D. (i.e. the SELF).



The discretely observing pantheist also grasps that the basic set of creation functions, now simply called the SELF, is incomplete.11 That’s because the SELF though omnipresent merely ‘waits’12 as virtual and discrete (i.e. quantised) potential. To achieve completion, and only 2 can tango, it needs to prove itself.13 And it does that by digitally generating a zillion actual, local (i.e. niche) selfies of itself and which it runs (i.e. sequences) as an analogue display in analogue real-time, thus making itself real and identifiable in real-time, thereby actually complete.14


In other words, the pantheist cognises (indeed imagines) in each bit of the whole universe the SELF (i.e. G.O.D.) (digitally) self-actualising as a real identifiable albeit local selfie. Alas, the virtual SELF, meaning the self-creation automaton, i.e. G.O.D. as basic ordering (rules) set, never emerges as actual identifiable realness. All we15 get to identify and experience are its local real-time selfies.







©  2018 by Victor Langheld









1.  For ‘mindful’ read: observing discretely. The early Buddhist notion of mindfulness was conceived as ‘savitacco, savicaro samadhi’, meaning: clean observation, clear analysis and @ maximum concentration.

2.  ‘Observation’ is a euphemism (i.e. a user friendly communication) for the simulation with internally generated icons of external and internal digital data streams.

3.  Note that a self-driving car has no actual, identifiable driver but is Guide & Controlled by a set of rules (i.e. algorithm), albeit highly complex.

4.  Presenting as analogues of vast digital data streams.

5.  With this realization (as cognition) the pantheist mutates from theism, as deified group (hence niche application) organisation rules system to meta-theism, as overall, hence pre-niche-application self-organisation rules system. By so doing the pantheist redesigns (i.e. re-dreams) herself as fully mature local application of the overall creation rules set, i.e. as local god yet to manifest as a bit of identifiable realness, i.e. as a locally cognizable hardware copy.

6.  In other words, every bit of (or in) the (or my or your) universe operates as fundamentally blind self-driving system, hence as automaton proceeding via random steps.

Hence:    “The right Way

Is the untrodden.

It becomes the wrong Way

When you’ve stepped on it.”

Victor (1975)


7.  The notion of ‘SELF’ covers the ancient notions of Brahman, Atman, G,O.D., the Mother Goddess (or matrix), her Yoni (or vulva = womb of creation) as metaphor for open source ordering/processing. The term (and notion of) ‘selfie’ covers the ancient notion of ‘the created’, the lingam (of Shiva), the saguna Brahman and so on and is the 21s century word used to describe a real-time representation of the SELF. SELF and selfie are identical, though differentiated (i.e. relativized because a selected limitation), and thereby made cognizable, especially when compared with other selfies. Only selfies are cognizable since the SELF operates as rules template.

8.  ‘Wholly’ here meaning: all inclusively, hence pan.

9.  The process of universalization and so of deification can be cleanly observed in the mutation of Mahayana Buddhism from Hinayana Buddhism and when an open modern non-religious social engineering and behaviour modification (as in the Nobel 8-fold Path) project was turned (by Brahmins masquerading as Buddhists, such as Nagarjuna, Vasubandu, Asanga, Dignaga and others) into (i.e. regressed to) a closed religious belief system (disguising the early non-religious Buddhist social engineering project). Today Tibetan and Japanese Buddhist religions are a sorry reminder of that regressive step.

10.   Deification of the universal, the universal being that (i.e. the ONE) which ‘holds for all’, is pantheism pure. Deification of the universal (i.e. the ONE) covering a selection, for instance, this or that group, hence ‘holding for some’ is henotheism pure.

11.   Incompleteness presents as Original Sin, meaning: as inherent failure. It is the felt need, most often experienced as ‘dark tunnel’ or ‘night’, and accompanied by depression and despair, to become complete that drives the entire creation machine (i.e. G.O.D. as
SELF) and its zillion local differential iterations, now called selfies.

12.   It waits (in Buddhist nir-vana) to respond to turbulence (Buddhist: vana), such as a big or small bang or shock.

13.   It proves itself, just like its niche application, by generating an identifiable (i.e. conscious) hard = real copy.

14.   In other words, the Original Sin/failure of incompleteness, as virtual hence unreal and non-identifiable non-existence, hence of non-compliance with (i.e. as disobedience to) the complete creation process, is removed, i.e. turned into Original Good/success by generating an actual, albeit momentary identifiable real existence. And which, of course, always happens for every niche application ‘when my dream comes true.’

15.   i.e. as momentary (or temporary and transient) niche applications, i.e. selfies.