The basic function of a life



The basic function of a life, and so of all lives,1 is to survive.2 A life survives by ordering the unordered.3


A life’s shape, i.e. its local identity,4 serves as means5 to survival.6 Shape7 decides contact capability.8 Contact9 initiates continuance, i.e. survival.


A life’s identity, hence address, represents the history10 of its (re-) constructions11 that have made its survival12 possible.











©  2018 by Victor Langheld









1.     The pantheist considers the basic survival system of all 1’s, hence the survival system common to (the) ALL. She observes sub specie aeternitatis (to wit, ‘under the aspect of eternity’). Hence her view, and indeed her God, is (i.e. must be) indiscriminate, blind. The eco-theist (formerly henotheist) observes and lives the basic survival system of (a selected) 1 (as emerged ordering template), hence the basic survival system of the no-longer-common (because a super-order as more complex app). Her view, indeed her God, discriminates, sees (because specifically ordered). Since identifiable reality, i.e. an actual world, arises from contact, the pantheist considers each (of n) 1’s as God (i.e. as creator) alternatives (or apps). The eco-theist considers only her (selected) 1 (hence ‘under the aspect of the moment’, of the ‘here and now’) as God and all ‘others’ (rather than alternatives) as not-God. Hence: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me!”

2.     To survive means to continue. It’s the drive to survive and so continue (i.e. to self-reconstruct to greater reenergizing efficiency by means of (random to differential) contact) that forces continuous adaptation, i.e. differentiation (i.e. reconstruction) of the contact interface (i.e. her identity-as-address). The basic survival drive manifests in the human as the hunger (i.e. need) for energy, that is to say, for random momentum accessed as either e (i.e. energy) as sequenced random momentum contact) or m (i.e. mass). To acquire ever more energy, a living system elaborates, both vertically and horizontally, its energy acquisition device, namely its active previous self-construction means (like the roots and branches of a tree) fronted by her iconised identity or (surface) form.

3.     That is to say, by aligning the unaligned thereby (as in all thermo-dynamic systems) reversing entropy and so upgrading contact (i.e. ‘work’) capacity.

4.     A life’s (current) identity (i.e. its surface, hence interface form) represents the contact (hence user) friendly history (i.e. karma) of past successful self-survival (hence energy acquisition) oriented self-constructions (or self-organisations, elsewhere called adaptations). In other words, in order to be (self-) selected (i.e. to upgrade her selection probability) for contact - and so survive - a life system/unit needs to increase its contact capability (i.e. by varying her identity (i.e. address) to produce a mutation that succeeds in making contact) by making it more ‘user’ (hence differential) friendly. In short, she needs to continuously differentiate herself (for instance, by using cosmetics) in order to stay attractive to contact (and therefore energy acquisition).

5.     A local identity as contact means (i.e. as differentiated interface) is a virtual reality (i.e. like an identifiable dream or fantasy) until made actual (i.e. as an identifiable reality) by contact (in a relativity vacuum). A local identity, that is to say, a personal form as the address of a particular (i.e. previously selected) Big Data Base (and from which energy/continuance has been extracted), serves as complex interface which, with increasing complexity, increases its contact, hence data acquisition efficiency. The greater its data, hence energy, acquisition efficiency, the greater its survival capacity.

6.     In other words, the successful survival drive (that milks random (or at least differential) momentum for energy and gets self-construction devices (i.e. Big Data memory as trace of previous contacts) as a collateral benefit) determines/defines the whole eco (-system) and its compressed user friendly (i.e. use-me inviting) iconic shape, i.e. its easy-of-access (i.e. ‘popul;ar’) address. In short, form/identity follows contact function. Thereafter random self-mutation (i.e. self-construction (or self-organisation) as formal output/work (i.e. as active (i.e. vibrating) address as identifiable interface) as self-permutation of identity in self-reconstructing systems of differential interface solutions increases contact probability. In a word, contact probability (i.e. creating a solution) is increased the more a self-reconstructing system permutates its identity/address/interface. In short, ‘Every day I wear a different perfume to increase my chances of ‘running into’ my perfect love!’

7.     For ‘shape’ read: identity. For ‘identity’ read: an iconised (thus contact friendly) address. For address read: the compression-as-short-cut to a Big Data Store (i.e. to a whole memory of previous contacts). An address self-constructs to increase contact efficiency, thus increasing survival probability. Without an address (i.e. the user friendly short-cut) contact remains random, hence inefficient. The simplest yet most powerful address is sheer difference, i.e. random contact (and which alone ‘carries instruction’). It is difference alone (i.e. ‘The Other Shore’, i.e. merely apparent otherness) that invites contact @ maximum (i.e. @c2). After all, ‘Only difference makes a difference’ and so furthers survival/continuance.

8.     To increase contact probability, and therefore survival, the eco system that self-reconstructs to increased contact capability, thereby to reenergise and further reconstruct itself, is deemed to have adapted, i.e. to have proved its fitness (i.e. its ‘fit’).

9.     i.e. 1 to 1 contact between any 2 random quanta. Such contact happens in a relativity vacuum, hence @c2, hence is real (indeed true!).

10.   In the later Upanishads, ca. 400BC, the ancient Indians called the transmittable residue (or compression, i.e. bottom-line profit/loss) of that history, hence an eco-system’s address (as contact interface), karma (or karmic residue). Karma emerged as (thermo-dynamic, or personal samsara) end-state which upon contact, and so rebirth transmitted as initial state. The ancient Indians claimed that the outcome of that rebirth was certain, indeed pr3edictable. They were wrong in so far as the alternative initial state contacted was unpredictable and which left the overall solution (or new address) unpredictable. After all, ‘The meaning of a message (i.e. as end state become initial state contact) is the response it elicits’ from an unpredictable alternate end-state become initial state. Since contact and its affect are (in principle) unpredictable, karmic response is (in principle) unpredictable.

11.   Elsewhere poorly (vaguely) named ‘adaptations’, i.e. fitness upgrades. An adaptation that produces a ‘fit’ (because it has made contact, thus transferring energy and self-reconstructing devices) is achieved via self-reconstruction. In short, increasing survival (i.e. continuance) capacity happens by means of boot-strapping. All constructions, i.e. all identifiable realities-as-interfaces, emerge as (self-survival-need) responses, i.e. as construction add-ons. In personal experience, survival capacity increases resulting from upgraded self-reconstructions are self-signalled with happiness, survival capacity decreases with unhappiness.

12.   The survival/continuance drive/force (possibly resulting from the Big Bang) is basic to, hence same for all identifiable realities. Being ‘same for all’, thus non-different and therefore incapable of carrying instruction and of producing an identifiable effect, the basic ordering means that supports the survival drive (elsewhere imagined as God) is indiscriminate, that is to say blind. Being indiscriminate and blind, because ‘same for (or common to) all’, the basic survival drive ordering system/template is open source code, that is to say, it can self-construct (or emerge, i.e. adapt itself via) any (closed source) means (as hardware step) to further its survival drive, sort of like a river finding (i.e. creating or inventing) a path to the ocean ( and through mass of random constraints as ordering system) because gravitation (i.e. energy) pulls it down.