The Pantheist’s job



It’s the pantheist’s job to make G.O.D. an identifiable reality.1



G.O.D. presents as (ordering2) principle. That principle3 is incomplete in that it has no identifiable reality.4 Identifiable reality is provided by the interaction of the application of differential iterations of the principle.5



In other words, it’s the pantheist’s job to turn incomplete principle into complete practice.6 She does that by generating first one perfect7 differential8 iteration of the principle,9 then a whole series. Then she applies them to each other, that is to say, she collides her iterations-as-facts with each other.



The Goddess Durga

or Matrix


The absolute principle creating,

i.e. iterating

an relative absolute fact as practice






At collision each differential iteration (of the (one) principle) achieves both realness10 and identity.11 And since all the differential iterations are the principle,12 i.e. of G.O.D. differentially iterated,13 the principle, i.e. G.O.D. too achieves both realness and identity.14







The process of making the (or any) principle an identifiable reality, i.e. a hardware fact, is wholly recursive.15 Hence the process from turning principle into practice,16 from generating ordered fact from ordering template can be clearly observed in the emergence of one and all identifiable realities, i.e. from and in all things.














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1.  The General (or Universal) Ordering Device, i.e. G.O.D., orders digitally (hence absolutely), automatically and blindly (meaning as open source). But G.O.D. is incomplete because lacking identity and realness. Its local order variation, i.e. as differential iteration, namely a (i.e. one of n) god, orders relatively, but also digitally (hence absolutely), automatically and blindly. A god’s relative order, when complete, is absolute, hence fully integrated, hence whole, hence stable, ‘hard’, thus generating as it were an integrated circuit (or steady state, in Yoga called kaivalya and achieved via elimination of turbulence, meaning disorder) presenting as a hardware product/quality capable of affecting (i.e. colliding with) another integrated circuit, i.e. an alternative god (as whole, completed, thus steady state presenting as random event). In other words, every god (as local or niche order elaborated from the ordering principle) presents itself as an identifiable hardware version of G.O.D. thereby completing (no identity, no ware) G.O.D.

2.  For ‘order’ read: row, series, rank, or a pattern thereof. With regard to disorder read the following (taken from the N.O.D.) with serious attention since it explains much of the pantheist’s understanding of the world and how to survive in it: ‘Entropy: a thermodynamic quantity representing the availability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.’

3.  Symbolized by the numeral 1 (to wit: ‘THE ONE’. The numeral 1 elsewhere symbolises the quantum. A quantum is conceived as a steady state, because a perfectly ordered (hence at zero entropy) order. All numbers beyond 1 happen as differential iterations of 1, i.e. as actual roll-out of 1’s unknown and unpredictable potential.

4.  A quantum alone (for instance G.O.D. as singular ordering principle, see he Upanishads, the Brahman as ‘One without a second.’) cannot be identified or registered as real in that it has neither angle (i.e. direction) nor momentum (as potential energy).

5.  To be identified and made real a quantum must be relativized (by means of contact) by another quanta and which presents as an alternative iteration of G.O.D.

6.  For instance by actually playing tennis in order to give the principle (or fractal or algorithm) of the game of tennis a cognizable reality (a real elaboration as application). In other words, the actual (as real and identifiable) game happens as actual roll out of the virtual (as non-real and non-identifiable) principle of the game. So it is that a smart observer can deduce the principle of the game from the actual game being played, just as a smart human can deduce (i.e. abstract) the principle of creation, i.e. G.O.D., from the created. Whether or not she likes the G.O.D. she deduces (i.e. abstracts) is another matter.

7.  For ‘perfect’ read: (Latin) per factum, that is to say as a fact. A fact happens as a quantum, meaning as a limited steady state presenting as an in integrated circuit capable of responding with maximum, meaning whole or total, albeit relative, data transmission (i.e. mechanical work (See above Footnote 2) capacity. So it is that perfection too is quantised, and that ‘to the perfect all is perfect.’

8.  For ‘differential’ read: new, novel, unpredictable (thus random); hence essentially fictional, fantastic, a dream. Thus does the pantheist, an albeit local god become G.O.D. by acting as G.O.D., that is to say, by ‘making a dream come true,’ that is say by creating a new differential order. It follows that generating a differential iteration of G.O.D. i.e. as new, local niche-as-god, hence making G.O.D. grow locally, is THE spiritual act as such. In short, ‘being spiritual’ means ‘rolling out’ G.O.D. in everyday identifiable reality.

9.  ‘Differential iteration of the principle’ is elsewhere called fractal elaboration.

10.   Real and therefore true (Sanskrit: sat) happens as momentary, thus discrete (i.e. digital) fact, meaning as stilled or halted (i.e. because fully ordered), hence quantised process. Realness (thus truth) happens when whole quanta (i.e. an integrated, hence steady state circuit or pattern (i.e. of orders or rules) collide 1 to 1, therefore in a relativity vacuum, thereby producing a c2 (i.e. c squared) moment. A c2 moment (i.e. a bit of halted momentum (and whose emergent side-effect happens as energy release, i.e. as enlightenment) presents as a quantum of realness (thus truth) and which can appear (and affect) as on-going or continuous via an indefinite series of such moments. The ancient Indian view that reality, that is to say, that realness (Sanskrit: sat) (and therefore truth) is absolute, i.e. all-present (as suggested of atman) hence continuous, was false.

11.   Identity derives from angle or direction of impact/collision alignment.

12.   All differential iterations (or applications of fractal elaborations) run on the same basic operating system, namely on the General (or universal) Ordering Device)-as-system.

13.   They are G.O.D., i.e. the principle, localised, meaning applied conditionally to form a niche.

14.   G.O.D. (i.e. the principle) is identified as reality by means of the interaction (i.e. practice) of ITS local differential iterations, meaning: by actual roll out.

15.   Meaning that each local iteration (as fractal elaboration), i.e. each god-as-identifiable hardware thing, happens as iteration (or elaboration) of the non-identifiable, unreal principle. In short, the whole universe happens as serial differential iteration (or roll out) of the one unchanging, hence same, principle

16.   That is to say, from the ONE (i.e. 1) to the many ones (i.e. 1’s).