The pantheist’s fantasy world



My world, namely the world of which I become conscious,1 is constructed by my brain2 from vast streams of data bits3 accessed by my senses4 or replayed from memory. My brain, senses and memory, being limited and specifically organised,5 limit and filter the total available data and transform a limited selection of that data into/as my world.


Therefore my world transacts6 as limited and specifically organised, hence individualised7 ‘as if’ representation or model (i.e. using invented symbols or icons) of those selected and filtered data bits. That model emerges a personal fantasy, as a dream,8 until proven otherwise.9


And from the limited and specially organised model of the world I construct in my brain and of which I become conscious I infer10,11 not just the world beyond me but also what I am (i.e. what I represent).12


Since my brain and my data accessing devices barely change throughout my life, the model of the world I construct in my brain barely changes. And since all members of the human species have pretty much the same brains and the same data accessing devices, all humans construct more or less the same models of the world.13 Members of other species, like ants and antelopes,  construct very different models of the world.14


And since the model of the world I construct is reality tested (i.e. reinforced or weakened) by each additional data input, I accept15 the model as certain fact, rather than as an ‘as if’ fiction/fantasy constructed by my brain.


In short, my world happens as an ‘as if’ model of the data transmitted to me by an otherwise unknown (or alien) source.16 And it’s from that model of the world that I infer the identity of the source of the data,17 namely the world beyond me, albeit limited and selected by my data accessing devices.


And which inference/guess includes the notion that I, as limited, specialised emergent receive data only from other limited specialised emergent.18 And that that data is transmitted partially and indirectly and skewed by me on arrival prior to being selected for construction of my fantasy world.19 











©  2018 by Victor Langheld











1.  Consciousness happens as ongoing display (or running commentary) of symbolised, i.e. iconised peripheral or internal system’s status reports.

2.  For ‘brain’ read: blind auto-pilot (as automaton). It’s the blind auto-pilot’s job to secure survival under all circumstances (i.e. in all ‘worlds’). Formerly experienced as and referred to as the ‘self’, the blind auto-pilot is now understood as a highly complex algorithm, i.e. as a sort of Universal Turing Machine whose function it is to solve/compute survival problems. The algorithm operates as template of rules/constraints. That means that the auto-pilot does not have a (core) self no more than the self-drive car has a self.

3.  ‘Vast’ means: BIG (hence personally unmanageable, hence user unfriendly) data streams. It was calculated some years ago that about 16 million data bits per second strike the peripheral accessing devices of which less than 20 emerge in consciousness.

4.  The senses, now including lung and stomach/intestine functions, serve as data accessing/collecting devices, like antennae on as spaceship.

5.  Specifically skewed/arranged, i.e. ordered to secure and upgrade my survival.

6.  My world (and any world or universe) appears to happen/transact as ongoing (hence analogue) process due to low resolution (i.e. low speed) processing. When resolution (i.e. processing speed) is increased (i.e. when I zoom out, i.e. enlarge), the process (for instance natura naturans) is slowed down until it stops and when the process is understood as a series of stills/quanta/digits (for instance as natura naturata).

7.  ‘personalised’ or ‘customised’

8.  The reality my brain creates is virtual, i.e. true and real for me because computed @ maximum capacity. By testing it (i.e. making contact with subsequent data) it becomes an actual reality. Since the fantasy which my brain creates for me is true and real for me, it fully enacts itself via my body (unless stopped by subsequent data).

9.  The brain accepts each data input used to produce its model (and which is a fantasy) of the world as true ≈ real until proven true (i.e. actually not falsified) or false by subsequent data inputs.

10.   The New Oxford Dictionary defines ‘infer’ as: deduce or conclude (information) from (limited and filtered) evidence and (limited and skewed) reasoning rather than from explicit (i.e. authentic) statements (or actual whole facts. The italic add-ons are my additions). Hence, all conclusions (as personal facts) derive from inferences.

11.   An inference is in fact a guess, more or less informed, hence uncertain. Observer certainty increases with repetition but not the certainty of the observed and which is selected and limited. The inference can be made more certain either by means of abstraction from large number of differential repetitions (i.e. using statistics).

12.   At every moment ‘I am’ my state of consciousness, i.e. my model of my world.

13.   And which makes meaningful (because agreed) communication (modes) between humans possible.

14.   For instance the eagle with its high resolution sight, and which it requires to survive, sees and experiences the world in a very different way to the human. By using a high resolution telescope, but which the human does not need for actual survival, the human can see the world in much the same way as the eagle.

15.   Indeed conclude (i.e. infer). Conclusion turns uncertain because incomplete fiction into certain, because made complete by me fact. Fiction/fantasy, for instance, personal belief, is turned into fact (≈ true/real ≈ certainty) by preventing differential (≈ random) data access. In short, I accept as my model of the world as fact because that’s all (my ALL) I’ve got.

16.   I survive on messages. The senders (as whole units) remain forever unknown. I receive, transmute and transmit data/messages. In fact I operate as a self-regulating and self-transforming message storing and transmitting device, i.e. as ‘live’ data ≈ memory (of several billion years of evolution) base.

17.   When initially accessed the data is raw. My (limited) response to the data gives it (limited, hence specific) meaning. Hence: ‘The medium is not the message.’ The actual message is my response to it.

18.   Only emergents, that is to say, the affects of quantum collisions, can be known, either by relative energy output/exchange or by identity. The source of the collisions and the rules that govern them can only be inferred, that is to say, abstracted from everyday interactions.

19.   My fantasy world (i.e. my dream as the content of my consciousness) serves as secondary Guide & Control means that secures my survival. And if I have no dream I’m almost ‘dead meat’ and serve as prey!