The pantheist’s ‘all’



The word ‘All’ verbally represents the abstract notion1 meaning: the whole quantity2 or extent of a particular group, thing or process.3



The pantheist’s ‘all’ emerges as her total actual conscious experience.4 Her ‘all’ is what she is. Her ‘all’, hence she herself, represents the data stream selections being processed by her brain.5



The pantheist’s brain serves as her self-navigation function, that is to say, as her auto-pilot.6 Her auto-pilot’s primary job is to ensure her survival.7

The auto-pilot is blind. It is blind because merely responsive.8 It responds automatically to data (stream) selections accessed externally or retrieved internally. From these it constructs, indeed simulates individual images ≈ icons which when run serially serve as the ‘experience’ of sight.9,10



The pantheist’s universe, i.e. her ‘all’ as conscious experience, is determined and decided by her selection of datum streams.11 If only one datum stream is processed, and @ full capacity – that is to say, if she floods her brain with only one datum (stream) – then she will experience her whole universe-as-herself as that one datum.12,13



So, if and when a datum selection changes so a world/universe changes. By selecting only one datum for processing @100% that one datum is experienced not only as ‘the all’ but also, by default, as the whole and complete self. 14



Moreover, after @100% processing, i.e. when processing capacity reduces below 100%15 a datum-as-the-self is momentarily experienced as both absolutely true and absolutely real.








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1.  The abstract notion or idea of ‘all’, just like the notion ‘One’, i.e. ‘1’, is created by the human as useful fantasy or fiction. It is useful because it purports to decide the undecided (for instance, it ends/slices and apparently endless series).

2.  For the notion of ‘whole quantity’ read: the notion of quantum or the notion of (discrete) unit.

3.  The fantasy (i.e. abstract notion) ‘all’ serves as pre-determiner, determinant and pronoun. It variously means: @ full capacity, i.e. @ 100%, total, therefore @1 ≈ complete ≈ true and so on.

4.  Her actual conscious experience (conscious meaning: becoming aware of a limited number of datum streams iconised for easy further processing by her brain) is grounded upon, therefore as it were framed by her sense of realness (i.e. as hardware) and which sense (as response) derives from contact ≈ touch. In short, the entire universe of identifiable realness quanta derive from contact, i.e. from discrete quanta transactions. Contact happens as collision (i.e. transaction) of 2 (differential to random) quanta/events (i.e. as constants) and whose affect happens as is’ness moments (i.e. symbolised as c2) or momentary realness quanta which, when continued as a series of contacts is, as series, experienced as ‘being’, i.e. as actual on-going existence.

5.  One function of the brain is to generate an ongoing iconic simulation of the whole world, i.e. the ‘all’ of the individual, and which serves as means of orientation. The iconic simulation of her ‘world-as-all’ is derived (indeed inferred) from continuous data inputs and replays. That ongoing, hence screened iconic simulation of data input and replay statuses, i.e. as it were as running commentary/self-advice, elsewhere named consciousness, serves as ongoing orientation means or map. The individual, as biological self-drive (i.e. self-survival) unit, uses that simulated details of that map to navigate.

6.  The navigation or piloting system, elsewhere called the Bio-Nav, as self-organising and self-regulating, like a self-drive car or self-fly plane. There is no actual pilot (or soul) in the brain.

7.  For ‘survival’ read: continuance

8.  Indeed the pantheist herself is wholly responsive to data inputs and replays, therefore is created (or emerged) by them in much the same way as a car or a dishwasher is created/emerged by action (or transaction) from outside. In short, she becomes what she feeds on. However as active bio-unit she appears to become proactive, that is to say by putting herself into the pathway way of needed data inputs (i.e. food) and which she absorbs as response.

9.  Individual, i.e. 1:1 (i.e. quanta) contact results in momentary realness, i.e. a c2 moment of is’ness. Serial contact of c2, i.e. is’ness moments generates identifiable realness quanta. The mental screening/simulation of serial contacts (as bits of knowledge) is experienced as consciousness, to wit, the coming together of bits (i.e. c2 moments) of knowledge.

10.   In other words, sight (as iconic screen) happens as simulation of serial contacts between photons and the retina’s nerve ends.

11.   In other words, she experiences herself, in fact is the datum streams she processes. If she processes multiple datum streams (if she merely scans), her ‘all-as-world’ is varied and so offers orientation. But her varied world is not totally real because each of the several datum streams is not processed @100%.

12.   If the pantheist commits 100% of her processing capacity to only one datum stream (hence as 1:1contact) then, since a 2nd (to nth) datum stream is not being processed, the 1st is experienced as totally real. Processing one (and any one will do) rather than many makes the one absolutely real, indeed the fully processed one is experienced as realness (elsewhere named ‘being’) as such because void of identity.  But that realness (i.e. being’), i.e. the realness of the one, is not identifiable since it lacks the reference of the many.

13.   It is because of the incomplete (because at less than 100% processing capacity) personal experience of (ongoing) realness as such (i.e. the Upanishad Saguna Brahman), hence as ‘all’ presenting as nothing but realness, and which resulted from 100% concentration on initially one identified datum (i.e. flooding with one datum stream) and which, because repeated, lost its identity, that the ancients took the view that the ‘all’ (elsewhere named God) existed as ‘being-as-such.’ What they did not realize was the ‘being’ (i.e. ongoing realness) happens as observer generated continuity, indeed all-presence, of discrete is’ness moments. In short, ‘being’ does not of itself exist (and so prior to time and form). ‘Being’ i.e. realness as such, happens as stream of is’ness moments resulting from differential (or indeed random) quantum collisions. During meditation, as sensory and mental contact is gradually shut down, the last contact source is (body) touch and from which the sense of realness is derived and which, if the meditator is foolish (or hopeful), she will universalise and so fantasize as eternal ‘being’ ≈ God.

14.   If the brain is fully flooded with (i.e. fully concentrated on) the feeling (or notion) of is’ness, then that is how the pantheist experiences herself. By focusing @100% on one (and any one will do) she becomes, i.e. experiences herself as ONE, i.e. as oneness as such. In like manner she can experience herself as (thus ‘become’) any datum stream at least as long as she maintains her 100% concentration.

15.   Upon reverting to processing of a second (or more) datum streams, and so splitting processing capacity, and that begins the identification process of the one-only experience, the initial (and initiating) experience is that the one-only was true because real because spot on (i.e. processed at full capacity. So it was that the ancient Indians used the same word, namely sat, to stand for both true and real, and which happens if and when a quantum is processed as ‘one-without-a-second’, hence as Brahman.