The Victor’s Way Pantheon



The Greek word pantheon stands for ‘abode of all the gods.’ The ancient Greek Mount Olympus, where Zeus and the other gods abode, was a pantheon. The Pantheon in Rome was built to house all the Roman gods. It was later turned into a Christian church, thus into a henotheistic monotheon.


The Victor’s Way Pantheon provides access to the view and experience of the entire universe of identifiable realities as gods, that is to say as distributed network of local GOD applications. In other words, each emerged identifiable reality is understood as fractal elaboration (or differential iteration) of one and the same dynamic ordering routine (i.e. as algorithm) that generates identifiable reality.


Entry to the Victor’s Way Pantheon is by means of a gate shaped as a birth canal. By so doing one re-accesses the basic operating system of all identifiable realities as it were in the womb of creation. In modern terms one ‘returns to factory settings’, leaving behind the externally displayed sheath of identifiable realness.


Once at the source, i.e. GOD, and which is understood and experienced by the pantheist as an unlimited dynamic ordering routine prior to realness and identity, one grasps that the universe beyond the birth canal consists of a vast aggregate of innumerable equal and equally flexible specifically limited, hence localised applications of the basic dynamic ordering routine.


Exiting Victor’s Way via the birth canal and so as it were being reborn as an identifiable reality,

Each and every identifiable reality in/as the universe emerges as niche application of a basic order generating function, called GOD. When niches, i.e. the gods, emerge and develop, so GOD emerges and develops. GOD is made real and identifiable by means of his niche applications.

one accepts that all identifiable realities operate as alternative local GOD applications, hence as gods in their own right. And moreover that each god operates the whole dynamic ordering routine albeit in a limited way. Which means that since each identifiable reality in the universe emerges as alternative GOD application it is, therefore, identical with GOD.


Thus the ancient Indian observation: ‘Tat Tvam Asi’, meaning: ‘Thou art that.’


Thus does the pantheist understand spirituality to mean: perfecting oneself as GOD app.


Entering the Victor’s Way Pantheon induces in some individuals the experience of the unitary and, for others, unitive feeling, that is to say the at’one’ness with all experience, elsewhere called cosmic consciousness. How or if one integrates that experience after being reborn into the everyday world is decided by the individual.


Understanding Pantheism



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