Order measures1 all things




The human infant2 experiences itself as the centre of the world.3 As infantile adult, i.e. as henotheist,4 it believes him/herself to be ‘the measure5 of all things’.


The mature human adult, i.e. as pantheist, experiences him/herself as one measure6 amongst countless alternate measures.


The human infant infers7,8 God as universalised function of a selection of superlative human functions.9 Hence the human infant’s God emerges as anthropomorphism.10


The mature human adult infers God as common, thus universal non-selective ordering function.11 Hence his/her God emerges as the morphing function.12,13








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1.     For ‘measures’ read: unitises, quantises because defines, limits, constrains, decides, thus rules, and so on.

2.     i.e. the naïve or primitive human.

3.     The primitive, i.e. infantile human believes that the whole world is there to serve it. That infantile view is represented by the disastrous attitude of the primitive Jew expressed in the Bible as: Gen 1:26: “And the Gods (i.e. the 'elohiym’) said, ‘Let us (sic) make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over (i.e. monopolize the capital-as-life-support of) the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.’” The latest version of that self-serving attitude, made ethical by the Jewish Heno-theos, is globalization and which advances the insatiable greed of fundamentally infantile billionaires.

4.     i.e. as ‘I alone (i.e. a monopole) am God.’ The claim is true! What is not stated is that all other identifiable realities, each too as monopoles, that make up the universe (as polypole) are also God. The latter understanding is expressed in the Bhagavadgita as: ‘He sees all with an equal eye.’

5.     i.e. the prime unit (of creation).

6.     i.e. as one measure (thus unit, thus quantum) of order.

7.     The inference happens as a personal fiction.

8.     An inference is not valid proof. It is made personally valid, true therefore real by preventing falsification.

9.     i.e. as attributes or qualities.

10.   Hence the notion of God as (selected) super human as found in primitive religions (i.e. religions serving primitive need, such as Judaism, Christianity, Ishwara devotion and so on.

11.   See: The Standard God model of Pantheism. Pantheism is the natural belief of socialism, of the belief in the community of companions-as-equals/peers (i.e. the ‘elohiym’).

12.   In other words, the pantheist’s God serves as means (i.e. as Basic Operating System) of all identifiable realities emerging as differential (order ≈ God) alternatives. Whereas the pantheist’s conversation is about the relationship between God-as-universal-ordering-function and all identifiable realities the henotheist’s conversation is about the relationship between God and the human (indeed, ‘me’). The henotheist seeks to save himself. The pantheists saves himself by saving all others (and who just alternatives of himself).

13.   Wikipedia  List of pantheists


See:    The pantheist’s GOD notion revisited


The pantheist’s standard GOD model