Featureless GOD



The Traffic1 Rules2,3, as set4 of constraints,5 displays no features.6 Until activated7 the Traffic Rules do not actually exist.8 When activated by a motorist the Traffic Rules still don’t display features. What features is the behaviour9 change of the rules’ activator.10,11


Likewise GOD as basic12 (i.e. common) order generating/emerging rules set.13



GOD, and its wholly recursive local applications, the gods, say nay’ (i.e. ‘don’t’)`14 so that random momentum channels/transforms itself automatically down ‘yea’, i.e. linear momentum channels. 15




Behaviour (i.e. momentum) change happens as real (because quantised) cognizable emergent.15














©  2018 by Victor Langheld











1.  Read ‘traffic’ to mean: momentum (for instance random momentum emerging as energy) transmission displacement/alignment.

2.  For ‘a rule’ read: a constraint or limitation that blocks or stops, or diverts, thus serving as regulation, law and so on,

3.  The Traffic Rules (or the rules of any occupation or game, for instance the universal momentum/traffic rules system, and which is usefully named GOD) serve fundamentally as non-displaying ‘negative’ from which more efficient/productive traffic emerges as ‘positive’ response.

4.  For ‘set’ read: sequence (i.e. repeating series) or pattern of sequences.

5.  Understand a set of constraints, i.e. a rules sequence, to operate as an algorithm, i.e. as in a computer program. Its purpose is to transform, i.e. channel random momentum into linear momentum.

6.  i.e. characteristics (Sanskrit: guna) that identify. Features, characteristics (Sanskrit: saguna) emerge as response to limitation.

7.  For instance, by a motorist. In abstract terms, by a quantum of random momentum.

8.  The rules ‘wait’ as virtual, i.e. merely potential ordered reality generators. If no cars exist then the Traffic Rules don’t ever come into actually existence. Idem the rules of football.

9.  For ‘behaviour’ read: momentum. Momentum (and which is always random to differential) is either stopped/blocked (violently, as in a dam) or diverted (less violently, as in a hydro-electric scheme).

10.   From which observation the following insight can be abstracted, namely: ‘The meaning of a message is the response it elicits.’

11.   In other words, the world/universe (i.e. the gods) emerges as response to (thus trace of) momentum change.

12.   For ‘basic’ read: common, hence ground, also initial (i.e. prior to local application) settings.

13.   From which follows that GOD, as basic ordering system/platform, responds/reacts as negative (and violent) momentum - resulting, for instance, from the Big Bang - blocking but which emerges as the positively (albeit less violently) experienced world/universe, that is to say (with Socrates), the smiling faces of the gods as wholly recursive local GOD (algorithm) applications.

14.   All rules/laws systems consist of ‘don’ts’. Momentum naturally flows (and so aligns) where don’ts don’t impede it. The Buddhist’s Nobel Eight-fold Path of do’s is a mildly disguised as positive set of negative don’ts.

15.   Parents say ‘no’ (i.e. limit or restrict) to protect their children from harm leaving the latter free to automatically explore and evolve what they perceive as  ‘yes’ options, but which are in fact personally chosen ‘no’ options/limitations that increase their local survival capacity. In short, kids can naturally do anything save what is artificially forbidden.

16.   The motorist has emerged as localised response to countless previous momentum changes. She is naturally intelligent because she is basically (thus automatically) driven to survive by avoiding elimination. She is artificially intelligent because she is voluntarily driven to arrive at a selected local, thus artificial destination and by artificial means.