GOD and the gods



(Common1) Order ≈ GOD

(Uncommon2) order ≈ god




The basic constraints3 set4 that generates5 order6 is expediently7 named GOD (as non-localised8-order).



A localised application9 of the basic constraints set, i.e. GOD, is expediently named god (-as-localised-order).



The basic constraints set, i.e. GOD, serves as one and the same, hence common source/cause of all emerged super-constraints set, i.e. gods.10 The basic constraints set, i.e. GOD, has no formal attributes.11 Formal12 attributes emerge as (side-)effects13 of a localised application, i.e. of a god.



The gods14 emerge as differentiated copies, i.e. as wholly recursive iterations of the basic constraints set, i.e. GOD. Hence the gods are not different from GOD but merely differentiations.15



The relationship between an emerged constraints set (i.e. a god) and the constraints set (or ground) from which it emerged (i.e. GOD) is the same for all emerged sets.16.17










©  2018 by Victor Langheld












1.  For ‘common’ read: same, not different, equal; non-random; not-emerged, ground; relatively unconstrained, consequently indistinguishable. In short, the most basic operating system of constraints from which all local differentiations/elaborations emerge, i.e. are born.

2.  For ‘uncommon’ read: different, random, unequal, relatively constrained, consequently distinguishable; surface, local; emerged/born. In short, a differential, hence niche or eco-application of the basic operating system of constraints emerging a local order. All gods run on, i.e. are differential applications of GOD.

3.  For ‘constraint’ read: rule, regulation, i.e. a limitation as block or stop that aligns (random) momentum, usually symbolised with the digit ‘1’. A ‘1’ (i.e. ‘ON’) is cognizable (i.e. perceptible). The ‘digit’ ‘0’ (i.e. ‘OFF’) symbolises freedom from constraint/limitation. ‘0’ ‘waits’ undifferentiated, hence is not cognizable (i.e. perceptible).

4.  For ‘set’ read: a basic (ground or applied) order generating (i.e. operating) system of sequences or patterns of sequences of constraints, hence rules, i.e. a series or sequence of stops (as (random momentum ≈ energy limitations) that constrain unlimited freedom (≈ random momentum).

5.  For ‘generates’ read: emerges (i.e. creates, results in, bears).

6.  For ‘order’ read: cognizable (perceptible, i.e. capable of contact @c2 momentum) sequence, row, series and/or patterns thereof and so on.

7.  i.e. for popular communications purpose.

8.  Hence prior to cognition (i.e. perception, inference and so on). In short, the most basic, hence common, same-for-all ordering set, i.e. GOD, ‘waits’ undefined. That’s because sameness is compressed out during interaction with (always differential) constraints. To wit: ‘Difference makes a difference.’

9.  And which emerges (i.e. is born, hence natural) as a more, hence super-constrained set of the basic operating system of constraints. A localised (i.e. eco-)copy as application emerges as a fully recursive (local) elaboration of the basic order generating system.

10.   All the gods together, because born’ serve as nature. Since the gods, i.e. nature, emerge as identical copies albeit differentiated from the basic ordering system, i.e. GOD, they are not different from GOD. Hence, ‘nature naturing is GOD. So Spinoza and the Upanishads.

11.   Attributes presenting as properties, tendencies or capacities. Since GOD, as basic order generating system of constrains, has no limitations, because no yet applied, IT cannot be cognised (by its limited applications, i.e. the gods.

12.   Hence cognizable, i.e. perceptible, i.e. capable of being contacted, touched because providing differential, indeed random contact.

13.   i.e. as emergent properties, tendencies or capacities. The more complex, hence specifically restricted an application, the more unique its properties, tendencies or capacities. Thus do all physical features and the Guide & Control emotions of love, hate, fear, compassion, respect and so on emerge as survival supports in complex emergents, such as the human-as-god. They do not exist in the un-emerged, i.e. GOD.

14.   i.e. as localised constraints set, i.e. order. Countless gods (as local super-constraints sets) can emerge from one and the same, hence ONE basic constraints sets.

15.   In the natural world, who or whatever creates/emerges local order is god, and GOD too because order as such is created/emerged.

16.   The relationship is wholly recursive. In other word, the platform from which a differential (i.e. a god) emerges always serves GOD and is unknowable by its emergent.

17.   The basic order generating system (or platform) of constraints (i.e. GOD) responds as automaton, as do all its emergents (i.e. the gods ≈ nature), at least until they evolve to the level of complexity that  emerges the capacity for memory and consciousness too and when the emergents (i.e. the gods-as-niche-order-applications) pro-actively upgrade their order to optimize their continuance-as-survival.